Regarding Throwing Off From The Balcony
Monday, 19 Sep 2016

We have received a complaint citing a serious concern that one of the residents from the unit above threw cigarette puts, garbage and food scraps and water splash to the Balcony / AC Ledge of the unit below. 

Residents and Owners are kindly reminded that this is a safety and health hazard to all the residents particularly the units below from your unit.  It can seriously cause harm or injury on your neighbors below your units.

Please instruct your household staff, fit out contractors or workers to observe the rules and regulations to refrain from throwing off water, cigarette putts, or any object from your balcony / AC Ledge. Please throw the garbage into the garbage bin.

Anticipating your consideration and cooperation on this matter.

Sincerely yours,
Residents Relations
The St. Moritz Property Management